The Rock and Country scene knows him as a passionate musician en talented singer. TV viewers in Flanders on the other hand know him as the funny Cowboy in Belgium’s Got Talent, where he impressed with his humorous songs.

But his inseparable cowboy hat does not only appear on the TV screen and/or various Rock stages. He is also a much appreciated comedian. In his five years as comedian, he made the finals of Cabaret Concours Vlaanderen, Humo’s Comedy Cup and the aforementioned Belgium’s Got Talent.

Yes indeed, Johnny Trash is a man of many trades. The good-natured cowboy of the novelty song. With a keen sense and a sharp eye on a slightly different type of reality.

And so his show „Not Just Beauty” is more than just songs. With his original bizarre view on life, on prejudice, travel and especially food he lets his audience get carried away in a surprising world of humor and strange music. With ease he alternates dazzling anecdotes with songs like „I Love You More Than Burgers And Beer” or „Somebody Puked In my Cowboy Hat”.

He accompanies himself on guitar. Or vice versa. Because that is also possible in the world of Johnny Trash.


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